For centuries, inhabitants of the Cappadocia region of central Turkey carved their homes out of the volcanic rock that forms the landscape, in some places building entire beehive towns out of hillsides. Since 1990, visitors to this remote area have been able to sample a luxurious version of the cave life, thanks to the internationally acclaimed Esbelli Evi Hotel.

Located above the town of Urgup, Esbelli Evi is the vision of Suha Ersoz, a confirmed bachelor and former lawyer. In the last seventeen years he bought nine abondened cave houses. Together with the abandoned 5th- and 6th-century caves behind them, he transformed the property into a one-of-a kind hotel. The result is a timeless experience, pure fairy-tale romance. There are only 10 sandstone-coloured tufa rooms, some are in a cave. Each room is different — some have fireplaces or a naturally formed chimney, while others have naturally formed staircases.