Tripolis Thermal Hotel located in Pamukkale(cotton castle).Hotel name from the ancient city of Tripolis Tripolis earned.Tripolis is Carian city in Lydia and Phrygia Tripolis in the region that provide transportation and agricultural trade is one of the center.Thermal pool of Tripolis Hotel has the original pure white water from natural wonder of the world’s Pamukkale.Tripolis [...]

Richmond International, operating under Aksoy Group, is a next generation management company established to provide consulting, training, and administrative services in the international tourism arena. Executes the management of Richmond Hotels, a private investment of the group, as well as the management and consulting functions of local and international hotels are already established or in [...]

Colossae thermal hotel is named by ancient Colossae city. Colossae is one of the most important settlements in the name of the ancient cities of Phrygia. Pamukkale travertines and the ruins of the ancient thermal city of Hierapolis are in the corner. The hotel has accepted the priority of its guests as their priorities with [...]