Tourism in Turkey

Our country in important in terms of toursim. The main factors make tourism attractive are;

1-Climate: In our country mediterranean climate type is effective. Especially in mediterranean coasts temperature rises early and summer lasts longer. This condition is important for swimming season. Also in inner regions geological features change in short distances and thanks to this different climate types can be seen in Turkey so you can ski and swim at the same time in Turkey.

2-Coasts: Turkey is 3 side sea surrounded country in Aegean Sea and Mediterraneon coastline is jogged for this reason shelf and beaches are wide.

Thanks to this conditions sea tourism in Turkey is affected in favorable way.

Important touristic places and features

1-Black Sea Region: In Black Sea rivers and streams rate of flow is high because of altitude. So this allows rafting in Black Sea Regions waters. The most important one is River Çoruh. Also the other touristic places in the region are;Sümela Monastery, Ayvasıl(St.Anna) Church, Hagias Nikolas Monastery, Sultan Bayezid Tomb, Amasya Castle, Abont Lake, Yedigöller, Ilgaz and Karoglu Mountains, Atatürk Museum, Big Masque, 19 May expo and so many ancient remnant belongs to Hittite Empire in Çorum.

2-Marmara Region: In Marmara Region there are so many touristric places due to being the center of important transportation roads, positive climate conditions and being on ancient residential area. Istanbul is a historical paradise. Dolmabahçe Palace, Topkapı Palace, Hagia Saphia Museum, St Irene Church, Grand Bazaar, Maiden Tower, Anatolian and Greek fortress are some of the beauties in Istanbul. In Bursa Ulu Mosque, Green Tomb, in İznik Selimiye Mosque,Rüstempaşa Caravansary, Saroya Bath , in Çanakkale Trojan remains, Gallipoli National Park and Ida Mountain.

3-Aegean Region: Aegan Region is one of the ancient residential areas having so many cove and gulf. Throughout the history it has so many civilizations. Both sea tourism and history tourism improved in the area. Tourism season is active for 7-8 months due to favourable climate conditions. In İzmir Virgin Mary Church, Athens Temple, Ephesus and Pergamum ancient theatres, Aora, Acropolis are some of important places. Also in İzmir sea tourism is improved a lot. Kuşadası and Didim is the center of sea tourism in Aydın. In Denizli Afrodissas, Hierapolis, in Pamukkale and Afyonkarahisar thermal springs and Phryig remains are the other important places.

4-Mediternanean Region: Due to temperature and having lots of beaches the the see tourism lasts the longest in Mediterranean. In the region swimming is possible even in winter. Also because of the height of Taurus Mountains is suitable, swimmin and skiing is both possible at the same time. In Antalya both sea tourism and history tourism are improved. And the region

has so many important ancient remains. Such as Alanya, Antalya, Manavgat Kaş, Kemer, Termessos, Olimpos, Perge, Aspendos,ancient Sagalassos city, Eğirdir Lake, in Mersin middle age castle, Maiden Castle, Heaven and Hell caves.

5-Centeral Anatolia Region: The region is Turkey’s political center. It has less tourism activities than the other regions but it has an active tourism activities. In Ankara Anıtkabir, Ank. Castle, Anatolian Civilizations Museum, Gordion City, in Konya Mevlana Museum, Nasreddin Hodja Museum and in Cappadocia fairy chimneys.

6-Eastern Anatolia Region: Because of climate conditions winters last long in the area so tourism can not improve. There are mauntains in the area and this nature tourism improved Nemrut Mountain, Ishak Pasha Palace(which 1st used central heating system in the world.) Ani ruins Ararat Mountain, Van Lake, Akdamar Island, Ahlat Seljuk Empire tombs, Erzurum Aziziye monument, Yakutiye Madrash.

7-Southeastern Anatolia Region: It is the oldes residential place in Anatolia. The stone age residential areas. Diyarbakır Çayönü, Malabati Bridge, Seven brothers’ bastion, Asur tombs, Adıyaman Cendere Bridge, Nemrut Mountain, Mardin houses, lake with fish.

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