Among bird sounds “good morning” and then, accompanied by squirrels and crickets and outdoor a la carte restaurants the Lycian region from the surrounding villages, fresh butter, olives, and cheese daily eggs, home-made orange, rose and orange jams by making an unforgettable breakfast start each day. Inside, under the supervision of experts, including fruit trees in our garden planted hybrid roses, colorful bougainvillea, jagaranda, sikas, cacti, jasmines and honeysuckles will not leave you alone for hiking. In voliere that built on 3 acres of craftsmanship manifests itself, you can see giant francolin, partridge, pheasant, ducks, pigeons and peacocks birds. One is carved into the cave, one of the largest on the rocks made a total of 3 separate swimming pool fed by spring water, a refreshing swim any time of day you will be invited. Oludeniz pearl of the Mediterranean terrace, and five teas while watching you in a special place.